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Ola Englund unveils his own guitar brand, Solar Guitars

Ola Englund, learned guitar wizard of YouTube and The Haunted/Feared fame, has announced his own company, Solar Guitars.

Four Solar models will initially be available - imaginatively titled Type A, Type S, Type V and Type E - many of which will be more than a little familiar to fans of Ola’s excellent signature series with Washburn.

Top-notch names have been tapped for the specs, including Evertune and Floyd Rose bridges, Grover 18:1 tuners, Duncan Solar pickups, as well as super-jumbo frets, full access set neck joints, tremolo spring silencers and 34mm brass block tremolos.

Ola is taking the Chapman Guitars route, too, by inviting guitarists to provide input and feedback to design forthcoming models - and he’s already signed up the At The Gates boys as endorsees.

Solar Guitars are available now direct from the company’s website, with prices ranging from €/$599 to €/$1,299.

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