Slipknot guitarist Jim Root reveals why he won't use the wah pedal Dimebag gave him

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A common theme in Dimebag Darrell Abbott stories is the late Pantera legend's generosity – whether hosting the famed parties at his home or making musicians he toured with feel at home on the road. He would also gift gear to players he admired – and one of them was Slipknot's Jim Root.

Root has been in a nostalgic mood lately, sifting through his gear store and posting findings on his Instagram. Including what he calls the "most important pedal I have" – a signature Dunlop Dime Cry Baby From Hell wah pedal the guitarist gave him after he went to see Slipknot with brother Vinnie Paul in Dallas.

(Image credit: Jim Dunlop)

"One of those dudes that inspired you to be better. Not just at guitar playing. But being cool... being happy... being present"

"I have tons of pedals," Root explains in the post. "They all do something useful and creative and all that... and I may post some. But this is the most important pedal I have. We were on tour and played Dallas. Dime and Vinnie were there. The whole crew... and they had a crew. Tight bunch of dudes. Dime gave me this [Jim Dunlop] Cry Baby from hell and he had written a note to me on it. To ME? From one of if not the most influential guitarists of all time. 

"His flow and style were and are undeniable. One of those dudes that inspired you to be better. Not just at guitar playing. But being cool... being happy... being present. I was and still am blown away by it."

He added: "I didn’t know Dime well. I’d only met him a handful of times. But that he would think to gift me something like this... The note more so than the wah. I mean what can I say. A rare and missed human. He’d probably want me to bust that thing out and beat the shit out of it. I can’t bring myself to. So here’s a little something personal from me to you. Thanks man. I wish I could return the favour."

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