Slash on AmpliTube 5: "It makes it a lot easier to write"

Slash could be resting on his considerable laurels by now, but instead he seems more driven than ever - writing prolifically for two bands. While we eagerly await his recorded reunion with Guns N' Roses, the guitarist has checked in with IK Multimedia above to talk about how he uses the company's AmpliTube 5 software to write and demo ideas. 

It makes it a lot easier to write and a lot easier for me to get an idea down spontaneously

"It's pretty effortless", says Slash about the guitar software. "Whatever it is you can do it really, really quickly, efficiently and have the sound quality be excellent."

Talking of efficiency, it sounds as though Slash has got a pretty slick system when it comes to sending out song ideas to his bandmates.

"I did a lot of demos with AmpliTube, just because it was so convenient," he explains. "I didn't have to leave the house!"  

"Being on the bus or my hotel room, I'll take an idea and record it on AmpliTube and then download it and send it over to the guys. And I do that all the time. 

"That's one of the conveniences that technology provides, that I can really use," Slash adds. "The fact that's digital, the fact that it's compact and the fact that it's so simple to use means I can do something at the drop of a hat. Have an idea and have the quality be so good that I can use it. AmpliTude is something I think is totally necessary and it makes it a lot easier to write and a lot easier for me to get an idea down spontaneously."

Well Slash is convinced but if you want to find out more about it, check it out our AmpliTube 5 review.  

Rob Laing
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