Is Shure's MV7+ the best microphone for podcasters, YouTubers and content creators?

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Shure has announced the release of a new version of its MV7 microphone, the MV7+. Kitted out with an LED touch panel and new DSP-based features, the MV7+ is aimed at podcasters and content creators.

The MV7+ is a cardioid dynamic microphone that shares design similarities with Shure's popular SM7B microphone, with the addition of a number of handy features that make it more suitable for content creators than musicians and producers. 

These include voice isolation, which removes background noise to enhance speech recordings, a Digital Popper Stopper, which (much like a physical popper stopper) controls plosives, and Auto Level Mode, which automatically adjusts gain levels according to distance, volume and room dynamics. There's also an onboard reverb with three reverb types, Plate, Hall and Studio.

The MV7+ is designed to hook up with Shure's new MOTIV Mix desktop app, which will let you configure the microphone via your computer, and offers multi-track recording of up to five audio tracks.

The newly updated version of the microphone also benefits from a handy LED Live Meter, which visualises sound levels and can be customized with a colour scheme of your choosing; tapping the touch-sensitive Live Meter instantly mutes the microphone.

The MV7+ is equipped with hybrid XLR and USB-C outputs, so will fit nicely into most laptop or phone-based recording set-ups, and doesn't require an audio interface to get started.

In our five-star review of the MV7, we described it as "ideal for streamers and podcasters". With the release of the MV7+, it seems as if Shure has given content creators in need of a new microphone an even more attractive proposition.

The Shure MV7+ is priced at $279/£279/329€. 

Find out more on Shure's website.

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