Sharing sounds with Soundmondo makes the Yamaha Reface range all the more enjoyable and couldn’t be easier

Yamaha’s recent foray into the world of mobile synths with the Reface range opened up many doors for producers and performers alike. Excellent keybeds, despite the mini-key sizing, great onboard sounds, all wrapped-up into a form factor that’s both perfect for the travelling musician and smaller studio spaces.

Once you get to the sonic capabilities, these are rather capable instruments indeed. The CP contains sounds that can compete with more expensive, full-size electric pianos, the YP delivers authenticity and the CS is quite the synthesis powerhouse, while the DX proves that it’s not all about nostalgia, with several improvements making this iconic remake more accessible than the original.

However, there was one slight misgiving for a range of instruments such as these and that was their apparent lack of preset storage. Not something that bothers the DX of course, with its 32 preset slots, but the other three Refaces are found lacking in the department. Well, that all changed with the release of Soundmondo, the social sound sharing platform for Reface.

In short, the browser and iOS- based platform allows Reface users to save, upload and share and sounds with the wider community. Much like the Refaces the themselves, Soundmondo is quick and easy to use and serves up as a great resource for sounds when looking to explore new sounds.