Watch Shane Hawkins play drums on Led Zeppelin, Van Halen and Black Sabbath songs with Taylor Hawkins’ cover band, Chevy Metal

Shane Hawkins
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As if there was any doubt, Shane Hawkins cemented his future as a drummer via his triumphant appearance at last year’s Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concerts, providing a hard-hitting, powerful foundation for Foo Fighters on My Hero in honour of his late father.

While some corners of the internet had Shane tipped to succeed his dad in the Biggest Rock Band in The World, the reality of a teenager joining a band with a combined age of well over two-and-a-half centuries never seemed wholly likely. However, what was made clear is that Shane Hawkins is one hell of a drummer.

The stage might have been smaller for his latest live show, but this past weekend Shane delivered even more proof that he’s inherited the knack for the family trade by sitting in with Chevy Metal - the classic rock covers band founded by Taylor Hawkins as a side project.

Shane joined Chevy Metal for their show at the Canyon Club, Agoura Hills, California, on 29 July, raising money for the Rock & Roll Rescue dog shelter/adoption service. 

Sat behind a mix-and-match kit featuring drums seen in Hawkins’ social media clips, he echoed his father’s drum setup, with his cymbals set just high enough to reach, and auxiliary toms placed above the hi-hat.

Among the covers were Black Sabbath’s The Wizard, and Led Zeppelin, Moby Dick. The latter giving Shane the chance to flex with an impressive drum solo channelling both John Bonham and some heavy inspiration from Taylor Hawkins’ own solos in Foo Fighters.

Skid Row frontman, Sebastian Bach provided lead vocals for run-throughs of Van Halen’s version of The Kinks’ classic, You Really Got Me and Mötley Crüe, Looks That Kill. Meanwhile, the band backed Elliot Easton for two songs by The Cars - Just What I Needed and Good Times Roll. 

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In addition to Shane Hawkins, Chevy Metal were also joined by three other drummers for the set: session ace, Kenny Aronoff, Poison’s Rikki Rockett and Foo Fighters engineer, John Lousteau.

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