Seek out new worlds of tone as pandaMidi launches the Future Impact v3 guitar and bass synth pedal

(Image credit: pandaMidi)

The Future Impact bass synth pedal is one of the all-time classic effects pedals, much loved by the likes of Bootsy Collins, and now pandaMidi has announced the launch of the Future Impact v3, which adds a whole suite of features and makes it compatible for electric guitar and wind instruments too. 

The Future Impact v3 features a newly expanded virtual analogue sound engine with modular features, sound parameters that are now controllable via an external midi controller and some internal controls, ADSR envelopes, a VC04 feature that can act as an additional low-frequency oscillator, and true simultaneous multi-effects processing.

The accompanying software has also been updated and the unit comes programmed with a soundset of 99 new patches. Many of these effects are incredible, transformative, other worldly – such as the foldover distortion and square LFO-driven octave modulation for rendering your guitar signal as a synth bass. 

For a taste of the Future Impact v3's potential, check out some of the preset tones in the video below.

Aside from the revised artwork, the Future Impact v3 has a very similar enclosure setup to its predecessor, featuring two footswitches for on/bypass and program, a rotary dial for selecting the effects parameter, input and output level controls and a bank-up/down control and LED display. 

Existing owners of the original Future Impact units can bring all these new features online by upgrading the firmware on their unit.

Users can also upload, share and download patches via an online database

The Future Impact v3 is available now at an introductory price of €299 until 15 December, whereafter the unit will cost €359. International shipping is free.

Check out pandMidi for more details.

Jonathan Horsley

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