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Save 15% on Pigtronix's Infinity Looper 2 pedal

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Pigtronix first unveiled the evolution of its popular Infinity Series looper pedal back at NAMM earlier this year. A stereo looping pedal with two independent loops that you can intuitively switch between, with effects to tweak your loop's playback, it was a real step forward from its predecessor. 

And now Musician's Friend are knocking 15 percent off with the coupon code rocktober, meaning you can grab one for $170. rather than the normal price of $200.

A streamlined user interface should get you started without too much delay, with two loops you can switch between parts seamlessly while recording or overdubbing. You can delete the loop that isn't playing to free up the slot for a new one.

The Infinity 2 Double Looper has two footswitches, one for each independent loop. A button above the left footswitch allows you to use the footswitch for applying Stop, Stutter and Octave Shift effects to your loops. Alternatively, these effects can be triggered by an external footswitch. 

Players can also assign undo/redo functionality to the left footswitch, so you can scrub previous overdubs or restore them on the fly.

There are controls for volume and decay, and it's with the decay control that the Infinity 2 gets very interesting. Decay controls how the loop fades out in an overdub; fully counter-clockwise, overdubs last for a single loop cycle, and fully clockwise sees "the layers pile up at full volume." Choose to set it somewhere in between, and there should be an abundance of fresh textures to play around with.

Pigtronix's Infinity Looper 2: 15% off!

Pigtronix's Infinity Looper 2: now $170
Get 15% off of this versatile looper at Musician's Friend. It's a stonking stereo looping pedal with two independent loops that you can intuitively switch between.

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