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Roli Studio Player crams Equator, Cypher2, and Strobe2 in one plugin, for free

Roli has announced that its newest software plugin, Roli Studio Player, is now in public beta, and available as a free download.

The plugin combines the sonic power of Equator, Cypher2, and Strobe2, alongside effects and new performative articulations.

The Smart Chords function enables the user to create complex chord progressions just by holding down a note, while the Multi-Layered Arpeggiator promises the creation of rhythmic patterns in mere seconds.

All three Equator, Cypher2, and Strobe2 sound engines are onboard, and while it seems like you’re mostly getting presets, there looks to be a certain amount of control and manipulation over the sounds, with five macro parameters at your disposal.

The software has just entered into public beta and Roli need you to help refine some of the features and iron out any bugs.

Designed to be closely tied-in with the company’s Blocks and Seaboard ecosystem, the app will require Roli Connect to run and is currently only available for desktop Mac systems.

For more details and download links, check out the Roli website now.

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