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Roland unveils Blues Cube Hot 'British EL84 Modified'

Roland's Blues Cube Hot amps have proved a winning formula, and now the company has announced a special edition tweak with the 'British EL84 Modified' combo.

Replacing the American tweed sound of the regular Blues Cube Hot, the new version aims to capture the Class A sound of classic British combos, pushing 30W of power through a custom 12” speaker.

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Roland reckons its Tube Logic design captures the glassy, chimey nature of the original amps, tweaked by a three-band EQ, boost and tone switches, onboard reverb and variable power control.

USB capability makes for easy recording with a DAW, too.

The Blues Cube Hot 'British EL84 Modified' is available now for £529 - Roland has more info.

This is the latest in a series of new Roland announcements over the past few weeks, which also include the Boss MS-3 Multi Effects Switcher and SPD::ONE series electronic percussion pads.

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