Roland goes Pro with its new smartphone-friendly mini mixer

A year on from the launch of its GO:MIXER, Roland has announced a Pro version of its smartphone-friendly hardware mixer. This combines multichannel mixing, monitoring facilities and more into a device that sits in the palm of your hand.

Despite its small size, the GO:MIXER PRO enables you to connect up to nine audio sources, including powered mics, guitar/bass and line-level instruments. You can adjust their relative levels and then send a stereo digital audio output to your phone so that it can be recorded into a video or audio app. The GO:MIXER PRO can get its power from batteries or the smartphone itself.

You can monitor your mix using the headphones output. This comes with its own level control and also enables you to listen to backing audio from your phone while you’re performing. You can even route this audio to an app (along with the live input audio) via a Loop Back panel switch. A Center Cancel function, meanwhile, lets you create karaoke-style tracks on the fly.

Roland has also launched a new app to complement the GO:MIXER PRO; Virtual Stage Camera enables you to remove the background from a performance video in real-time and replace it with movie footage or stills stored on your phone. So, you can magically transport yourself anywhere you like, should you wish to.

Find out more about the GO:MIXER Pro on the Roland website.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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