Roland Bridge Cast owners can now access hundreds of AI-powered royalty-free tracks to use as livestream background music

We discovered last month that Roland is the first company to sign up to using Amadeus Code’s MusicTGA-HR, a new AI-based music generation API, and now we know exactly what it’s using it for. BGM Cast is a curated music service for the Bridge Cast Dual Bus Gaming Mixer, and enables users to choose from a large selection of background music tracks and sound effects for their livestreams.

This is all managed within the Bridge Cast app, and because the music is royalty-free, use of it won’t lead to any copyright strikes on your channels. We’re told that BGM Cast music is generated in a so-called ‘human-in-the-loop’ process, which involves musicians and producers enhancing AI tracks to create “superior results”.

Music is chosen based on moods and genres, and favouriting a track will add it to a playlist. The sound effects, meanwhile, can be assigned to the Bridge Cast hardware’s buttons.

Anyone with a Roland Account can access 36 background music tracks and 16 sound effects, while signing up to at least a Roland Cloud Core membership ($3 a month) unlocks thousands of additional music tracks and hundreds of sound effects. More are set to be added each month.

Find out more on the Roland website.

Roland BGM Cast

(Image credit: Roland)
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