Amadeus Code’s new AI API can generate royalty-free music based on non-musical text prompts, and Roland has signed up to use it

Roland Amadeus Code
(Image credit: Amadeus Code)

Amadeus Code, the music generation AI platform, has announced the release of MusicTGA-HR, a new API for linking with external applications. What’s more, it’s confirmed that none other than Roland is its first customer.

Best known for its songwriting assistant app, which can create new chord patterns, melodies, bass and drum parts based on existing songs, Amadeus Code’s new API is designed “to enable the development of services using large music data sets by individuals and businesses”. All music generated by MusicTGA-HR is copyright-free.

Amadeus Code says that Roland’s need for the API relates to its audio-visual products. “[Roland] needed music that end-user creators could freely distribute and use as background music for their content,” confirms the press release.

We’re told that if you’re using an app that features MusicTGA-HR, you’ll be able to search for and download royalty-free music based on non-musical terms. So, rather than having to specify a genre and whether you want the music to be uptempo or in a major/minor key (for example), you can simply type in a descriptor of the kind of content that’s being soundtracked. ‘Summer’, ‘travel’ or ‘cosmetics’ are offered as examples.

MusicTGA-HR is a music data set that currently comprises around 44,000 sound recordings that were generated by AI and then refined by humans. It’s said that this data set will continue to grow by several hundred songs each month based on search queries.

You can find out more on the Amadeus Code website.

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