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Rocktron brings the VooDu Valve guitar preamp back to life with limited-edition re-release

Rocktron has announced a limited-edition re-release of its VooDu Valve guitar preamp.

The VooDu Valve pairs digital effects with tube warmth, and offers either high or low tube gain sections to adjust the preamp’s break-up.

Preamp section controls include Variac, Pentode, Triode and Solid State voicings, while there are comprehensive pre- and post-EQ sections.

Rocktron effects include two-tap chorusing, dual-mode phaser, two-tap flanger, compression, frequency programmable wah-wah, tremolo, reverb, echo-like delay featuring unique tap tempo mode, pitch shift, and Hush noise reduction positioned after the preamp and before the effects.

An onboard speaker simulator offers the ability to tweak speaker size, mic placement and reactance,  while there are balanced XLR outputs (with level control) and 1/4” outs.

The VooDu Valve LTD is apparently a “one-time only event”, with a limited number of production units available for $749 apiece.

See Rocktron for more info.

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