Revehō launches The Slight modular travel guitar via Kickstarter

The market for collapsible, more portable travel guitars has grown considerably in the last few years: from folding necks to wingless bodies, it seems that guitar companies are intent on making our guitars more portable.

The most recent comes in the form of The Slight from French brand, Revehō, who are looking torefresh the concept of the electric guitar through a modern design, and technical innovations” with their debut product which officially launches on Kickstarter next month.

In the promo video above, you can see that the modular guitar fits into a case sized somewhere between a laptop bag and MIDI controller. Revehō promises an assembly time of 20 seconds, and the video demonstrates the guitar being put together with the precision of a rooftop marksman before we hear some actually-quite-impressive sounds from the finished product.

The Slight is currently being offered to pre-order in two different packages: Slight Base and Slight Amp.

The Slight Base

At the core of The Slight base model is a two-part, collapsible “wooden” neck with a three-piece modular plastic body design housing swappable pickups (additional pickups not included), standard guitar tone/volume controls traditional quarter-inch output and USB C connectivity. Both packages include the case. 

The Slight Amp

Meanwhile, The Slight Amp package builds on the Base by adding a 15-watt built-in amp and speaker to the upper wing, which Revehō says will work for 6 hours on a full charge. As well as this, the Amp package adds a headphone jack aux input for plugging-in your phone.

Due to its modular design, both versions of The Slight can be expanded and Revehō is also offering add-ons such as an on-board effects module, an effects loop module, additional pickup set and Revehō strap. 

While The Slight is packing quite a lot of features, it comes at a cost with the Base package starting at a list price of 2199€ and the Amp version priced at 2599€. Revehō is currently offering early-bird discounts of 30 and 15 percent off both packages.

Pre-orders for The Slight are open now, with regular orders opening on the 9 September. For more information visit Revehō’s product page.

Stuart Williams

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