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Quatromod combines three of Audio Damage’s plugins into one effect

Audio Damage has taken the essence of its Liquid flanger, Fluid multi-mod chorus and Vapor diffusion chorus plugins, thrown in its Eurorack FreqShift frequency shifter, and packed them into a single plugin known as Quatromod.

The Flanger has a Haas Effect Offset control and invertible feedback for extra widening, while the Chorus has six delay lines modded at different rates for extra thickness. The Diffusor, meanwhile, is effectively a diffusion block from a reverb that’s rewired to act as a chorus. Finally, FreqShift has been reworked to operate in a DAW context.

Audio Damage thinks that the combination of these modules could make Quatromod your go-to modulation plugin. It costs $49 and is available for PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats; find out more on the Audio Damage website.

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