Psychic Modulation heats up the multi-effect market with its VectoMelt plugin

Psychic Modulation VectoMelt

An expanded version of its EchoMelt plugin, Psychic Modulation’s VectoMelt is a multi-effect unit that’s designed to “bring your sounds into the audio netherworld”.  

The key addition is the XY vector, which serves as the centrepiece of the modulation section. X mixes between Flow and Flutter, while Y increases the effect.

The effect units include chorus, an EQ and echo, an analogue-style tape dub delay with pitchshifting. The end result is a plugin that can take your audio to all kinds of swirling, whirling places.

Find out more on the Psychic Modulation website. VectoMelt’s regular price is $59, but you can currently purchase it for the introductory price of $49. It’s available for PC and Mac in VST/AU formats, and you can also download a demo.

Psychic Modulation VectoMelt features

  • XY modulation vector
  • Flow and Flutter: Analog-style drifting, instability and random fluctuations that are mixed at two different speeds using the X axis
  • Multiple targets for modulation include: Pitch, Chorus, Echo, Amp and Pan; Y axis controls the overall mod depth
  • Flex: A modulator for the XY pad made up of Orbit (to circle the XY point), and Jump (to jump out of orbit sporadically)
  • Multi-FX include:
    2-Voice Chorus with voice Separation
    Parametric 3-Band EQ that works as both high and low pass filters
    EQ dry/wet control that can isolate the filter to only affect the Echo
    Saturation driver sent into the Echo signal
    Echo: Analog tape style dub delay unit with pitch-shifting
  • Mix controls for each effect as well as Master Mix
  • Sub Presets for each FX section
  • Randomization controls for each effect section
  • MIDI Learn and automation of most parameters
  • Double-Click Parameter Reset
  • Intuitive patch management system
  • 128 presets to get you started
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