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PRS Guitars announces the return of the SE One model

(Image credit: PRS Guitars)

Back in 2007 PRS released an atypical guitar for the Maryland company that was seen as its very own take on the economy of a Les Paul Junior. We liked it a lot. Now, 12 years after it first surfaced, the PRS SE One is suddenly back and looking better than ever. 

But it won't be back for long. Released today, it returns for a Europe-only limited re-run at £599/€689. A single soapbar SP-SOAP-TNC P-90 pickup and volume control makes this the most streamlined guitar PRS has ever made; a refreshingly simple rock machine.

(Image credit: PRS Guitars)

Body and neck are korina (the first run of SE One's featured a mahogany body) so you can expect this to be lightweight, and we've had great experiences with the combination of korina and P-90 pickups in the past. A rosewood fingerboard is good to see too. 

This time the finish options are Tobacco Sunburst and Vintage Amber, the latter coming on like a brighter take on the LP Junior's famed TV Yellow.

Get them while you can and visit PRS Guitars Europe for authorised dealers.