Superbooth 2021: You can now turn your Prophet-5 synth into a Prophet-10

Superbooth 2021: If you’re a Prophet-5 Rev 4 synth owner who’s been casting envious glances at the Prophet-10 - “if only I’d paid out for more voices!” says that little voice in your head - then you’re going to want Sequential’s new expansion card, which effectively turns it into one.

This promises to be an “easy-to-install” add-on, and is designed to to enable full compatibility with the new version (2.0) of the Prophet-5/10 OS, which adds bi-timbral, stack and split capabilities to the synths.

With this installed on either an upgraded Prophet-5 or a Prophet-10, you can stack two different programs together to create more complex sounds. Each program is allocated five voices of polyphony, enabling five-note bi-timbral operation.

If you’d rather, you can split the keyboard into two separate performance zones, each with a different program. So, you could play a bass sound with your left hand and a lead part with your right, for example.

“We’re excited to bring stack and split capability to 10-voice Prophets,” said Sequential founder Dave Smith. “It gives even more musical versatility to an already awesome-sounding instrument. Musicians are going to love the sound design possibilities of bi-timbral stacks. And players will be able to make good use of splits in live performance.”

If you’re a Prophet-5 owner who’s tempted by the upgrade, you can buy the voice expansion card directly from Sequential for $899. This comes with full installation instructions, and is compatible with both keyboard and desktop versions of the synth.

Find out more on the Sequential website.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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