Propellerhead’s Reason 10.2 promises to give users what they want


The next point release update to Reason 10 is on the way, with version 10.2 focused on refining the workflow of Propellerhead Software’s DAW in response to user feedback. 

The update will enable you to view and edit MIDI across multiple lanes, adjust multiple faders in the mixer at once, snap notes to an adaptive grid based on zoom level, instantly use your controller with Easy MIDI Inputs, jump directly to rack devices from sequencer lanes and quickly add tracks in the sequencer or devices in the rack.

We’re told that the end result will be a faster, easier and more natural workflow. Enhanced VST plugin performance is also on the Reason roadmap, though this will have to wait until later in the year as Propellerhead says that it’s “an extensive rewrite of the inner workings of the program and requires an expert task force”. Scary stuff.

Reason 10.2 will be released on 26 September following a period of public beta testing. You can sign up to be part of this on the Propellerhead Software website.