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Produce live drum beats while playing guitar with the FootDrum Plus Salgo

It feels like a lot of manufacturers are really trying to stick the boot in to drummers with multi-pattern drum machines - most notably, DigiTech's Trio and Singular Sound's Beat Buddy - but FootDrum Plus Salgo goes one further, and allows guitarists to produce live drum beats while playing.

Two footswitches allow musicians to activate two different types of beat (most likely kick and snare), and can be pre-loaded with up to eight beats each, toggled via a tap of the module button.

Zero latency is promised, as well as high-fidelity audio; the Salgo can be connected to a computer to drag and drop beats, and includes a CD with 200+ samples.

The unit can be powered by three AA batteries, which provide 120+ hours of play time, or an included power supply.

Salgo is available now from FootDrum Plus for $179.99.