“The ​​ultimate recording interface for your favourite DAW”: PreSonus’s new Quantum ES and HD audio interfaces feature instrument inputs that were co-developed with Fender

It's new audio interface time again, as PreSonus vies for the honour of socketing your cables with four new Quantum models: ES 2, ES 4, HD 2 and HD 8. Collectively, the line-up is said to be “the ​​ultimate recording interface for your favourite DAW”.

Sitting in the mid-to-higher-end sector of the market, all of the new interfaces sport new MAX-HD preamps and what PreSonus thinks are low-noise converters and custom low-latency drivers. The front-facing instrument inputs, meanwhile, were co-developed with Fender, PreSonus’s parent company.

Other features that are common to all the models include Auto Gain, for automatic input level setting, and Loopback, for creating monitor and streaming mixes. The HD interfaces also add Reamping, which enables you to send audio out from your DAW, run it through your amps and effects and send it back to the computer. Universal Control, meanwhile, is a piece of software that enables you to make settings from your mobile or desktop device.

While the 2x2 ES 2 and 4x4 ES 4 can operate at 24-bit/192kHz, the 20x24 HD 2 and 26x30 HD 8 max-out at 32-bit/192kHz. The HD models also have ADAT capabilities; all four models hook up to your computer via USB-C.

Unsurprisingly, all the new interfaces are designed to integrate tightly with PreSonus’s Studio One DAW. In fact, the Quantum ES models come with six months of access to the Studio One+ subscription service, and the Quantum HD devices come with a year of Studio One+ Hybrid, which includes a perpetual licence for the DAW itself.

“We’re so excited to launch the next generation of Quantum Audio Interfaces - the culmination of 30 years of engineering expertise resulting in the highest quality audio interfaces PreSonus has ever made,” said Max Gutnik, SVP of Product at PreSonus Hardware. “The new Quantum Audio Interfaces are crafted with sleek, modern design, class-leading performance, and a set of powerful new features that serve creators at every level.”

Prices for the new interfaces are as follows: Quantum ES 2 - $230/£199/€229; Quantum ES 4 - $330/£289/€329; Quantum HD 2 - $500/£429/€499; Quantum HD 8 - $1,000/£869/€999. You can find out more about all of them on the PreSonus website.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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