Positive Grid releases 6 free amps and effects for the Spark

We already think the Positive Grid Spark guitar amp offers great value for money, but now Positive Grid has released its first Gear Drop to add even more with six new amps and effects to download via free firmware update And they include Dumble and Klon models! 

New amps

• ODS 50 - Inspired by the Dumble ODS 50

• Blues Boy - Inspired by the Fender Blues Junior

• Insane 6508 - Inspired by the Peavey 6505

New effects



(Image credit: Future / Olly Curtis)

Positive Grid Spark 40 rated

• Clone Drive (Drive) - inspired by the rare, legendary Klon Centaur OD 

• Guitar EQ (MOD/EQ) - a custom pedal by Positive Grid that offers frequency spectrum control on a granular level

• Bass EQ (MOD/EQ) - a custom pedal by Positive Grid that offers frequency spectrum control on a granular level, modeled exclusively for bass players

That's not all, the update includes includes optimised speed for the Spark Tone Control connection speed and additional minor bug fixes and improvements

To download it, head over to Positive Grid


(Image credit: Positive Grid)


(Image credit: Positive Grid)

And if you haven't got a Positive Grid Spark yet - now is a great time with the deal below to save $40 on one today, plus a get a free case to travel with it. And this amp is so good, you'll want to. 

Positive Grid Spark: $40 off + FREE bag with code STENOFF

 Positive Grid Spark: $40 off + FREE bag with code STENOFF
With Auto Chord and Smart Jam features, over 10,000 high-quality amp sounds courtesy of the BIAS tone engine and intelligent Bluetooth connectivity. It’s no wonder nearly 200,000 guitar players worldwide have embraced the Positive Grid Spark as their amp of choice. The Spark is so much more than just an amplifier; it may be the best ever guitar practice solution. Use coupon code STENOFF to apply the extra $10 off. 

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