Positive Grid is packing a lot into its Spark Mini guitar amp and Bluetooth speaker

Positive Grid mean business in 2022; after dropping the eagerly-awaited Spark Control for its original Spark 40 smart practice amp, it's now revealed a whole new Mini Spark. 

The Spark 40 was a runaway success, so can this new portable battery-powered model make an even bigger impact on the market? The specs certainly look promising…

The Spark Mini sets out its stall with all the same smart features as the Spark 40 while claiming to be 'the biggest smallest rig ever for electric guitar, acoustic or bass' and 'all-day' rechargeable battery power. 

This amounts to an impressive eight hours, with angled full-rage stereo speakers for your plugged-in tones or music streaming. Or indeed both if you want to jam along! 

Interestingly, the low end is taken care of by a 'downward-facing passive radiator' that Positive Grid suggests sets news standards for a mini amp. 

In addition to a wealth of tone, learning and jamming features via the Spark app that makes the bigger amp such an addictive proposition, the Mini also offers the same USB connectivity so you can use it as a recording interface. And the smaller size makes it perfect for your desk. 

Positive Grid

(Image credit: Positive Grid)

Two options will be offered for the Spark Mini; classic black or luxe Pearl tolex and Positive Grid claim further custom options will be possible via the removable grille.

The preorder process for Spark Mini will begin in March and players can register their interest now over on the Posiitive Grid website.  Special pricing and a free, limited-time bonus will be offered for preorders too. 

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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