Peterson releases the StroboPLUS HDC: the most feature-packed handheld guitar tuner we've seen

Peterson goes all-put with its guitar tuners and the StroboPLUS HDC brings the comprehensive features to a compact handheld format that's ideal for travel or keeping close to hand on your desk.

There's over 180 Peterson on-board Sweetened Tunings – smart custom tuning presets to accommodate types of instrument (eg acoustic guitar) and even the types of chords you may be playing - such as a bias to making major or minor chords intonate better.

Peterson Tuners

(Image credit: Peterson Tuners)

There's a metronome offering "precise beat matching 0.1 BPM adjustability, ultra-wide tempo range, advanced subdivisions, accent patterns and polyrhythms and can also import tempo maps." 

The high definition colour screen is great for monitoring the StroboPLUS HDC's 'True Strobe' +/-0.1 cent tuning accuracy, with Concert A range of 390-490 Hz. 

Peterson Tuners

(Image credit: Peterson Tuners)

There's also a built-in electret condenser microphone and ¼” input and 3.5mm headphone jack for listening to the metronome. The StroboPLUS HDC is powered by the built-in Li-ion Battery that's rechargeable via USB.

All these features come at a price from one of the best names in the business; £165 / $179.99, to be precise – and a carry case will set you back another £30. 

More info at Peterson Tuners

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