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Pedaltrain lifts the lid on the SST Space Saving Tuner

Last week, we reported on a potential game-changer for pedalboards: Pedaltrain’s SST Space Saving Tuner is impossibly small (less than 1” tall and 1” wide), but we didn’t know how it worked - until now.

Pedaltrain has finally dished the dirt, revealing the SST’s space-saving secret as a set of cables branching off from the main body of the diminutive tuner, which allows guitarists to tuck the input, output and power connections underneath their pedalboard.

That means you can slide the SST between two pedals on your ’board, although there’s no footswitch - it’s designed to be used with the tuner-out jack on volume pedals.

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Spec-wise, it offers +/- 1 cent tuning accuracy, a high-brightness LED display for playing outdoors, plus reference pitches ranging from A438 to A445.

We’re really intrigued to see the take-up on these - we look forward to seeing a few on The People’s Pedalboards. And it may well crop up on our guide to the best guitar tuners, too...

The Space Saving Tuner will cost $59/£55 when it lands later this month - until then, Pedaltrain has more info.

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