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FruityLoops was never meant to be for musicians, says creator

In a rare interview with the original designer of FruityLoops, Didier "Gol" Dambrin, it has been revealed the software that eventually became the hugely popular DAW, FL Studio, was never intended to be used by musicians.

In fact, the original idea was for it to be more like a computer game, with Gol admitting that he had, pretty much, no musical background whatsoever.

The interview, conducted by Genius News, explores the influence that Fruity has had on the hip-hop community as a cheaper and easier-to-use alternative to the MPC. Soulja Boy wrote the beats for Crank That on a demo version, which then netted him several million.

Also in the interview, Dambrin talks about the origins of the FruityLoops name. The DAW became FL Studio back in 2003, with the release of version 4. The move was down to a dispute with Kelloggs cereal over the FruityLoops name - Image-Line was forced to remove all references to it in a court settlement.