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On the radar: Wild Throne

Raised just outside of Seattle, it’s unsurprising that Josh Holland, guitarist with Wild Throne, grew up idolising the brooding talents of players such as Billy Corgan and Kim Thayil. Now in his own band he melds these influences with those of prog innovators Mastodon and Mars Volta.

There was a sense of urgency. We felt like it had to be something different, it had to be confrontational

“I’m very open-minded, or I try to be,” explains Josh. “When we’re writing we really try to make it a mesh. From Judas Priest, to ABBA, it should all be represented. When we can pull that off it’s some of the most unique stuff.”

The group’s Ross Robinson-produced new album Heart Of Darkness is certainly unique stuff. Powered by Josh’s diverse Guild S-100 and Marshall/Soldano amp blend, it’s a whirlwind of melodious malcontent and searing seat-of-the-pants solos. 

“There was a sense of urgency,” confirms Josh. “We felt like it had to be something different, it had to be confrontational. We had something to prove and I think it shows how far we took it. That’s how it turned-out to sound the way it does.”

It’s rich pickings for guitarists, but Josh favours Blood Maker as his choicest cut. “The song closes out with a solo and I remember thinking that I was not that good at guitar when we did it, but I listen back now and I’m like, ‘Motherfucker, I pulled that shit off!’ I was so scared when we did that, but I did it!”

For fans of: The Mars Volta, Mastodon
Hear: Blood Maker

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