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Joris Delacroix
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Joris Delacroix makes house and techno that's deep and melodic, the kind of music that might soundtrack a barefoot dance on an Ibiza beach at sunrise. 

His 4/4 constructions fuse the maximalist synths and climactic drops of EDM with the militant rhythms of techno, often throwing in bright, vibrant lead lines borrowed from deep house and trance. Though this synthesis of styles has found him an audience among DJs and ravers alike, his latest release wasn't built for the dancefloor. Conceived during lockdown when live performance was a distant possibility, the CEBB collaboration "Need Your Attention" is a mid-tempo slice of atmospheric electronica in the vein of Jon Hopkins and Trentemøller.

After Joris was kind enough to give us a tour of his studio earlier this month, we asked him a few questions about where he's come from and where he sees his sound going next.

How would you describe your sound to a new listener?

"It's something between house and techno, with a lot of melodic gimmicks, which aims to make you dance and get emotional at the same time."

What artists do you think you could potentially share fans with?

"I think about NTO, Einmusik or Ron Flatter."

What has inspired the creative process for your latest release?

"It was a little special, because I created it during the lockdown. The general inspiration of this track was missing playing my music, and sharing it with people."

What is your favourite musical experience/memory in your career so far? 

"I made two albums, and I really loved the feeling of finishing those, releasing them and going on tour to play them out. It’s a strong feeling of achievement."

Is there a particular album that had a big impact on you growing up and how?

"Daft Punk's Discovery is still very special to me. I was a kid when it was released, and think it was this one that really got me into electronic music." 

What’s the most important bit of kit in your studio, and why is it important to you?

"The computer is certainly the most important thing, because everything is centralised on it. But for something more interesting, I would say my Moog Sub37, that I've used in almost all my tracks since 2014." 

What instrument or piece of gear would you like to get next and why? 

"Right now I feel like I have all I need, but I think the next step would be to get a modular system, to do some more twisted sounds with it."

Where would you like to take your sound next? 

"I would like to keep the melodic aspect, but maybe in a more minimalist way, with a strong and precise sound. I would also love to have the opportunity to work with singers from the nu-electronic/hip-hop scene, like Duckworth or Channel Tres."

Joris Delacroix's latest single, "Need Your Attention", is out now via SmallFishBigSea. 

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