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Nonlinear Labs C15 synth gets an internal audio recorder

Nonlinear Labs has announced a free update for its C15 synthesizer, which now features the ability to record audio within the synth itself and adds USB MIDI connectivity.

Not only that, but the company is also releasing a MIDI Bridge hardware device for connecting the C15 directly to a computer or other host devices.

The update, dubbed the Studio Package, allows all users of the C15 to records the past hour's worth of playing directly within the machine. The FLAC-compressed audio can then be accessed and downloaded via a browser.

Perhaps the best part is that from any point in the timeline of playing, any of the synth's parameter settings can be restored, giving you a perfect snapshot and alleviating that horrible sense of whether you had remembered to hit record in your DAW, or not.

The MIDI Bridge hardware allows non-host devices to be connected, although, should you need to connect devices via a 5-pin DIN socket, then an external MIDI interface will be required.

The Studio Package is available as a free update now and owners of the C15 (prior to 3 June 2021) can purchase the MIDI Bridge for $110, otherwise, you will have to stump up $130. Go to the Nonlinear Labs website for more info.