Next-gen Korg Volca Sample improves on the original's biggest niggles

(Image credit: Korg)

Korg has launched a new version of the Volca Sample and it looks like the Japanese firm has rectified a few issues that slightly dogged the original.

Korg's Volca range took a turn in a new direction back in 2014 with the launch of the Volca Sample, proving that the people's synth range could be more than just analogue revivalist instruments.

When we first reviewed the diminutive sampler, however, there were a few niggles that we felt hampered the instrument, with the most notable caveat being that lack of digital connectivity.

Thankfully, Korg has taken it upon itself to right this particular wrong by updating the sampler with a micro USB port, greater memory, plus sequencer and MIDI improvements.

The inclusion of the USB port is the most welcome addition, with the original's over-reliance on iOS connectivity not one of its strong points. Users of the original may also be casting envious glances on the increased memory which now tops out at 200 slots, double that of the original.

Another welcome addition is the ability to assign individual MIDI channels per part and combined with the new pattern chaining, six extra pattern slots, two new step jump modes and a delay start function, this update could have you boxing up your old one ready for auction.

The next-gen Volca Sample will be available in September 2020 at a price of £159, which is slightly more than the original, but then Korg has further sweetened the deal with bonus sample content giving you 150 carefully curated samples to get you started. Check out the Korg website for more information.

Volca Sample features

  • Powerful sample engine with 8 voice polyphony
  • New USB connection for faster sample management and better connectivity
  • Dedicated librarian software (Mac and PC)
  • New individual MIDI channels assignment per part
  • Dual band analogue isolator and digital reverb
  • Motion sequencer records and plays back up to 11 parameters
  • Synchronised playback with other volca units, electribe, or DAW.
  • New Pattern Chain Mode with 2 different STEP JUMP modes and Start Delay function
  • Increased memory of 200 memory slots (double its predecessor)
  • Pattern locations have also have been increased from 10 to 16.
  • A brand-new sound library; fits the needs of all music producers.
  • Compact size, battery-powered operation, and built-in speaker for enjoyment anywhere
  • Dedicated AudioPocket manager for iOS to record new samples on the fly.
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