New Russian bass synth takes inspiration from Soviet era synths

Moscow-based synthesist AVP has announced its latest instrument, the MIDI Bass Synth (MBS-100).

This bass-centric monosynth has a hybrid digital-analogue architecture featuring two voltage-controlled digital oscillators, each with four waveforms. Saw and square waves are joined by a pulse wave fixed at a 25% rate and another fixed at 10%, similar to the classic Aelita and Polivoks synthesizers.

The MBS-100 is available now for €449, which includes free shipping to Europe and North America (USA/Canada). However, it is worth noting that units are shipped direct from Moscow, so import customs and tax charges may apply. Customers are urged to check with AVP prior to making a purchase.

More information on the MBS-100 and other instruments can be found on the AVP Synthesizers website.

MBS-100 specs

  • Voltage-controlled digital oscillators (VCDO); two each with four waveforms: saw, square, pulse 1 (25% rate), pulse 2 (10% rate)
  • 3 octave range for OSC1 and 5 octave range for OSC
  • One fully analogue 12 db/oct low pass filter with cutoff and resonance parameters
  • Two ADSR envelope generators
  • Voltage-controlled amplifier, with an analogue distortion effect selection switch
  • LFO with two waveform options (square and triangle), routed to control the VCF
  • MIDI In, MIDI Thru (16 channels + Omni)
  • One mix output (mono 6.3-mm jack)
  • 19 knobs, three switches, four buttons and 11 LED indicators
  • Durable steel case with wooden cheeks
  • Weight: 1 kg Dimensions: L30 x W16 x H8 (cm)
  • External power supply – 220v adapter 9 VAC (included)
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