Neural DSP rolls out Quad Cortex CorOS 2.3.0 update and officially launches Cortex Control desktop controller – a “true milestone” in the amp modeller’s evolution

Neural DSP Cortex Control
(Image credit: Neural DSP)

Neural DSP has announced the latest update for its Quad Cortex amp modeller, and that means it is time for the official launch of the unit's much-anticipated desktop controller, Cortex Control, which is now available as a free download.

A fully integrated desktop controller, Cortex Control allows players to use their computer to manage every feature and setting on their Quad Cortex, from managing IRs to cataloguing sounds and settings. 

The idea is that all this will help streamline workflow. Players can create and manage backups via the Cortex Control, and perform bulk actions when sifting through presets, creating new Neural Captures and uploading IRs, all with the intuitive, player-friendly user experience that made the hardware unit so popular.

When Cortex Control boots up, it is automatically synched with your Quad Cortex, and picks up where you last left off. One of the big benefits of the desktop controller is the capability to connect the Quad Cortex to the internet via your computer’s USB, ensuring uninterrupted internet access. 

Other cool features include the Live Tuner, which is always available in the Utility Bar, and Audition Devices, which lets you scroll through various guitar amps and effects when searching for a fresh electric guitar tone. Neural DSP describes the launch as a “true milestone” for the Quad Cortex.

“The official launch of Cortex Control is an important moment in the evolution of the Quad Cortex,” said Dan Davies, CMO at Neural DSP. “It’s the result of our continued research and development as well as input from our community.”

The evolution of the Quad Cortex also includes a number of new features available via the CorOS 2.3.0, including MIDI clock out, pinned devices, a ‘Made by Me’ filter, Stomp Mode Bypass Assignment, a new reset menu in Device Options, and a reset settings options. Meanwhile, the 9-band graphic EQ has been updated with a new user interface, LPF and HPF parameters.

The big question, however, remains: when will we see full plugin compatibility for the Quad Cortex? Well, Neural DSP hopes to roll this out in Q2, so maybe by the summer we’ll have some news. In the meantime, we can expect more updated plugins, with Archetype: Gojira X expected to be launched next week, 10 January. It joins Archetype: Plini X as the first of Neural DSP’s guitar plugins that will be compatible with the Quad Cortex once that update is available.

For more details, head over to Neural DSP.

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