Nektar's new wireless WIDI breaks the chain and sets your studio free

(Image credit: Nektar)

Nektar's new WIDIFLEX and WIDIFLEX USB provide wireless MIDI solutions for your MIDI setup that sets your gear free.

Whether it's for pure performance, allowing you to wield a classic keytar at the front of the stage without decapitating the front row, or simply to avoid unsightly (and dangerous) cable dangles as you instantly virtually rewire for a spot of experimentation, WIDIFLEX is the fast, easy and reliable way to get your MIDI kit together.

WIDIFLEX is a simple pair of connected MIDI In and Out sockets with all the Bluetooth 5 trickery built elegantly into the Out.

By simply plugging WIDIFLEX into your gear’s MIDI Out and MIDI In and then doing likewise elsewhere those two boxes will communicate notes, control changes, velocity and more - all without a computer. There's no power required as the unit draws all it needs from the gear's clunky old MIDI Out.

The two machines will automatically pair and – bingo – ins and outs between the gear, no old 5-pin DIN cables (or power) required.

There's also the WIDIFLEX USB dongle, which adds BLE MIDI to all major operating systems. Reducing latency down from 7.5ms to as little as 3ms and boosting range it's guaranteed to run a tight ship.


Got a big studio? No problem. Group a set up and lock them together. (Image credit: Nektar)

Got a lot of gear? There's an app for that. The WIDIFLEX app on iOS and Android lets you create WIDIFLEX groups so that signals will only pass between the devices you want. Ideal if you've two separate keyboard or studio rigs in close proximity. 

Or use the app to create a fixed pair, 'hard wiring' two bits of gear together to ignore all other network activity and ensure that the show goes on no matter what.

A single WIDIFLEX (giving both In and Out) costs £42, while the optional, extra-power WIDIFLEX USB dongle will set you back £50. 

Both are available now from Nektar.

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