NativeAudio unveils the Rising Sun V2, a vintage amp-inspired optical tremolo with dual modes and selectable waveforms

NativeAudio Rising Sun V2
(Image credit: NativeAudio)

NativeAudio has unveiled a newly redesigned version of its Rising Sun tremolo pedal. The Rising Sun V2 arrives with a new layout and a suite of new features to make improve the optical tremolo’s performance, offering players more options when dialling in a sound.

The sounds might have been inspired by the tremolo circuits found on vintage guitar amplifiers, and is all analogue, but the Rising Sun presents us with a most modern set of controls, and two modes – Ramp or Tap Tempo – selectable via toggle switch.

Ramp mode lets you alternate between two selectable tremolo speeds, while Tap Tempo mode offers the choice of four subdivisions and, of course, allows you to set the tremolo speed via footswitch.

The tap tempo switch doubles as a Control switch for Ramp mode. Holding Control down while in Ramp mode will change the speed of the tremolo from slow to fast, and once released, the tremolo returns to the slower speed. When in Ramp mode, set the Rate/R.Time to adjust the amount of time it takes to ramp between slow and fast, and adjust the Divisions/Slow (fast) knob to adjust the slow and fast speeds for the tremolo.

Meanwhile, in Tap Temp mode, the Rate/R.Time dial simply adjusts tremolo speed manually, and the Divisions/Slow (fast) dial selects between half, quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes.

Volume controls output volume, but it, too, marks another improvement, with NativeAudio packing +13dB of boost behind it. And there is a four-way rotary dial for selecting from sine, square, ramp up and ramp down waveforms.

Under the hood, there have been improvements in the circuit to lower the noise floor, improve the bypass, and you can run the pedal on 9V or 18V DC for improved headroom. The rate control has similarly been tweaked, offering a wider range of speeds.

Jacks are top-mounted to keep your pedalboard nice and tidy, and last but not least, the enclosure’s artwork – and perhaps the name of the pedal – is inspired by NativeAudio owner Mike Trombley’s Blackfeet (Amsskaapipiikuni) heritage. 

The Rising Sun V2 is available now and priced $239. See NativeAudio for more details.

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