NAMM 2020: PRS is going to make a lot of people happy with its expanded John Mayer Silver Sky lineup

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NAMM 2020: We have all seen John Mayer play one of his PRS Silver Sky signature electrics with a maple fretboard, an off-menu item to tantalise us, but finally PRS have done the right thing and put them into production

Described by PRS as "the next evolution" of the Silver Sky", maple fretboards now join rosewood on the menu. The maple fretboard Silver Sky will be available in Frost, Tungsten, Dodgem Blue, Golden Mesa, Moc Sand, Orion Green, and 2020's new  Midnight Rose and Polar Blue colors. 

Those maple fretboards sure look good on the PRS John Mayer Silver Sky 

Those maple fretboards sure look good on the PRS John Mayer Silver Sky  (Image credit: PRS)

Also new for 2020 is the premium limited edition Nebula finish. It is a polychromatic "flip-flop" finish that reflects different hues as it catches the light. PRS says the Nebula finish "reflects the Silver Sky’s goal to redefine what a vintage-inspired guitar can be and shift the focus to the future."

As to the sound and the vintage feel of John Mayer's Silver Sky, nothing has changed. Its old-school Fender-sized 7.25" fingerboard radius and Mayer-approved 635JM neck shape are found across both rosewood and maple fretboard models. 

These new for 2020 Silver Sky models are available to order now priced £2,469 ($2,299) street.

Now, what would we like to see at the next NAMM show? Ah, a PRS SE Silver Sky, you say? Now that would be a good idea. Over to you, PRS.

See PRS for more details.

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(Image credit: PRS)
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