NAMM 2020: Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck gets signature model

(Image credit: Reverend)

NAMM 2020: With Trent Reznor reportedly planning on a busy year for Nine Inch Nails recording and touring, Robin Finck's new Reverend signature models could see plenty of action in 2020. And they look built for it too.

Based on Reverend’s Sensei shape (sans Bigsby), the Robin Finck signature (price TBC) features a Korina body, bound ebony fingerboard, Railhammer Chisel ceramic humbuckers, Tune-o-matic bridge and stop bar tailpiece, volume and Reverend's versatile Bass Contour controls with a three-way switch. 

(Image credit: Richard Fury / Getty)

The pickup choice is especially interesting here; Railhammers use two types of magnet bespoke to the wound and plain strings. The 'rail' magnet is for the wound strings and there's enlarged pole magnets for the plain strings. 

The advantage of this design is said to result in tighter low end response and more open frequencies in the highs. The best of both worlds?

The model is available in black and white finishes.

The news follows three other new models Reverend announced for 2020. For more info on the ranges visit Reverend

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