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NAMM 2020: It looks like Behringer might be about to announce a Roland TR-606 drum machine clone

NAMM 2020: Behringer is up to its teasing tricks again, with speculation rife that it could have a clone of Roland’s TR-606 drum machine on the way. 

In a video posted on 13 January, entitled ‘3 Days To Go’ - a reference to the first day of the NAMM Show, surely - we see a camera panning from right to left across what appears to be the interface of a piece of gear that features two rows of numbers. This is what you’ll find on the 606; the fact that the video shows a 0 below the 10 - the same as on the 606 - is a pretty heavy hint, we’d say.

Some have suggested that it could be Behringer’s long-awaited 909 clone that we’re looking at, but our money would be on it being a 606. Released in 1981, the original doesn’t have the high profile of its 808 and 909 siblings, but it’s still a fine little analogue beat maker.

If you’re looking for more evidence, bear in mind that Roland’s original was intended to be used in tandem with the TB-303 (the two looked pretty similar) and could be synchronised to it via DIN-sync… and what did Behringer release late last year? Yep, the TD-3 - a 303 clone. A 606-style drum machine would be a perfect partner.

Case closed as far as we’re concerned, but we’ll all find out soon enough.

Roland TR-606

(Image credit: Perfect Circuit Audio)
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