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Behringer confirms the TD-3, its all-analogue, $150 Roland 303 clone

As expected, Behringer has launched the TD-3, its 2019 take on Roland’s classic bassline synth.

Unlike Roland's Boutique TB-03, the TD-3 is fully analogue, and promises to reproduce the analogue circuitry from the original 303. It also adds distortion circuitry that's based on the Boss DS-1 guitar pedal.

The TD-3 is available in three colours: you can go for the silver finish of the original or get a bit more colourful by choosing a blue or red option. 

Check out the TD-3 launch video above. Full specs are below - as is an overview video from loopop - and the price is $149. 

Find out more on the Behringer website.

Behringer TD-3 specs

  • Authentic reproduction of original circuitry with matched transistors
  • Pure analog signal path based on legendary VCO, VCF and VCA designs
  • Sawtooth and square waveform VCO with transistor wave-shaping circuitry
  • Amazing 4-pole low-pass resonant filter with cut-off, resonance, envelope, decay and accent controls
  • Easy-to-use 16-step sequencer with 7 tracks, each with 250 user patterns
  • Arpeggiator with wide patterns for great sound effects
  • Distortion circuitry modeled after the DS-1* adds insane spice and edge to your sounds
  • 16-voice Poly Chain allows combining multiple synthesizers for up to 16 voice polyphony
  • 11 controls and 28 switches to give you direct and real-time access to all important parameters
  • MIDI and USB implementation with MIDI channel and Voice Priority selection
  • 3-Year Warranty Program
  • Designed and engineered in Italy
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