NAMM 2020: Gibson announces new Slash Les Pauls and J-45 acoustic signatures

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NAMM 2020: Slash's stature in the guitar world is is now at the stage where he doesn't just get a refreshed signature model but a whole collection. Gibson clearly love him even more than we do – and they've got two new signature J-45 acoustics and four Les Paul Standards to prove it.

Each Slash Collection Les Paul Standard features a AAA maple top, a solid mahogany body, as you'd expect, and Slash’s personal requests; a C-shape neck profile, his signature Gibson SlashBucker pickups,, hand-wired electronics with orange drop capacitors, a vintage style brown hardshell case and colour coordinated touches on the guitars.

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Of course, these aren't Slash's first signature Les Pauls, but additional touches exclusive to this collection are Slash’s 'Scully' signature drawing on the back of the headstock, his signature on the truss rod cover (with a blank truss rod cover in the case), Slash’s new Ernie Ball strings, and four Slash Jim Dunlop Tortex picks. 

The Slash Collection Les Paul Standard is available in November Burst, Appetite Burst, Vermillion Burst and Anaconda Burst.

Now let's take a look at his first ever acoustic signature models…

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He's certainly picked a great model to start with; the J-45 has been handled by many legends through rock, country and blues history. 

The quality and attention to detail is next level, and these guitars truly reflect what I play live and in the studio


The Slash Collection J45 nods to the past with a few modern additions. Again, there's Slash's requested rounded C-neck profile, plus a fatter and more modern 16'' fingerboard radius .

They've chosen the electronics well;  the LR Baggs VTC pickup is one of the best around for organic character. 

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Again, Collection guitar buyers will get  that 'Scully' signature drawing on the back of the headstock and the other details. And there's tow finish options for this; that very appealing November Burst and a Vermillion Burst.

 "Developing my new Collection with the new team at Gibson has been really exciting,” says Slash. “The quality and attention to detail is next level, and these guitars truly reflect what I play live and in the studio. I think guitarists will be inspired by what we've put together.”

November Burst

November Burst (Image credit: Gibson)

You'll be wanting to know how much that inspiration will cost you; £2,599 for the Les Paul and £2,999 for the J-45.

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