NAMM 2020 VIDEO: Gamechanger Audio unveils its Light Pedal, the first ever ‘optical spring reverb’

NAMM 2020: Latvian hardware brand Gamechanger Audio certainly knows how to design an attention-grabbing product. From its high-voltage xenon tube Plasma Pedal to its Motor Synth, which uses rotating motors in place of conventional oscillators.

The company’s latest reverb stompbox, the Light Pedal, is equally innovative. Described as an ‘optical spring reverb’ the pedal combines a traditional analogue reverb tank with infra-red optical sensors in order to “to harvest the full timbral and harmonic range of a spring reverb tank.”

According to Gamechanger Audio, in traditional spring reverb designs much of the audio signal’s harmonic nuances are lost in the process of converting the audio into mechanical energy. The brand claims its design, which places sensitive optical pairs at specific places on the spring, is able to capture a considerably wider range of frequencies, harmonics, overtones and textures.

The effect itself is housed in a stompbox with a visible reverb tank, with input, output and expression jacks placed on the unit’s rear. There are a host of controls on the front panel for tailoring the tone and modulation of the sound. There’s also a mode dial that can switch between effect types to capture sounds including tremolo, modulated reverb and harmonic shimmer.

The Light Pedal also includes a ‘shock sensor circuit’ designed to shut off the audio signal when a mechanical impact is detected. As Gamechager explains, users can “put the sensor switch to ‘Hard’ and stomp it all day long with no harmful consequences.”

It all certainly looks very intriguing and the effect sounds impressive in the video above. We look forward to getting our hands on one to hear the tech in action for ourselves.

There’s currently no word on release dates or price, but you can sign up for updates at the Gamechanger Audio site.

Si Truss

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