NAMM 2020: Catalinbread unveils the Giygas fuzz/EQ and Epoch Boost

(Image credit: Catalinbread)

NAMM 2020: Catalinbread has announced some fresh treats for your pedalboard by way of the Gygas fuzz/EQ and EP-3 preamp Epoch Boost.

The Epoch Boost puts those Echoplex EP-3 preamp tones into a small compact form, with Catalinbread promising the "entire preamp of the EP-3 – mixer stage and all – running at the original 22V, no special power supply or outrigging necessary!"

Which is quite something. Inside the enclosure, there is a a switchable JFET buffer circuit should you be running a complex signal path with long cable lines and one true-bypass pedal after another. Pretty neat.

The Gygas, meanwhile, combines fuzz and EQ for a pedal that promises a wide range of tones, and maybe a whole lot more. The enclosure has controls for EQ, loud, mids, blend and fuzz. In lieu of a demo video we'll let the press release speak for itself.

"The core of the fuzz circuit is brawny and fierce, yet with plenty of violin-like sustain and articulation on tap, and the entire thing is wrapped in a clean blend circuit. From there, the fuzz gets catapulted into a gyrator-based mids boost, and then into a tilt EQ circuit. 

"With the blend rolled all the way back, you can use just the powerful high-headroom EQ to sculpt your clean tone. A horde of options await you under the hood, ones that will make our four-stringed friends extremely happy."

Sounds intriguing. Full specs to follow, the big question being: just what dip switches and other electronic Easter eggs away us inside the enclosure?

Prices TBC. There's nothing on the Catalinbread site just yet but it's always worth seeing what they've got going on.

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