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NAMM 2019: Marshall’s Studio series features a downsized Plexi, JCM800 and Silver Jubilee

NAMM 2019: Marshall has announced the Studio series, which features 20W versions of some of its most iconic amps: the Studio Classic (JCM800 2203), Studio Vintage (JMP 1959SLP) and Studio Jubilee (formerly the Mini Jubilee).

Made in the UK, the amps are all available in a head or combo format - the latter of which packs a 10” Celestion V-type speaker - while power switching drops the wattage from 20 down to 5.

All three amps include three ECC83 and two EL34 valves, plus presence, bass, middle and treble controls.

True to the original, the Studio Classic features high and low-sensitivity inputs, plus preamp and master volumes.

The Studio Vintage, meanwhile, offers High Treble and Normal channels and four inputs - as any seasoned Plexi player will know, jumpering the inputs via patch cables allows you to blend the channels.

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There are no confirmed prices for these yet, but expect to pay around £1,000. Watch our hands-on video above to hear the amps in action, and pop over to Marshall for more info.

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