NAMM 2019: The Electro-Harmonix Bass Mono Synth turns your bass guitar into fat vintage synths

NAMM 2019: Electro-Harmonix brings some synth-love for bassists in the form of the Bass Mono Synth pedal.

The stomp box comes with 11 presets, but unlike the Synth9 pedal, the presets aren’t aiming to emulate any specific vintage synths. Instead, we’re treated to such sounds such as Growl, Unison and Sub, among others. There’s also 11 user preset slots available to save your own sounds.

Much like the Synth9, this new addition to the ever-growing EHX roster features a contextual CTRL function, which will tweak and adjust the tone in some way or another depending on the preset dialled in at the time.

The Bass Mono Synth also benefits from an Expression pedal input that will enable you to control another parameter entirely, again, all depending on the preset selected.

The SENS control deals with the sensitivity and adjusts how your playing dynamics trigger the synthesizer. Allowing you to fine tune the way the pedal responds to your playing style.

Of course we’re sure that this will also work with guitar too and hope to get a demo at the show, so check in with us again at the end of the week.

If you can’t wait that long, then head on over to the EHX website for more info.


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