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NAMM 2018: LR Baggs announces 4 new Align Series acoustic guitar preamp pedals

NAMM 2018: The acoustic experts at LR Baggs have unveiled a new line of acoustic guitar preamp pedals, the Align Series.

Comprising four pedals - the Session, Equalizer, Reverb and Active DI - the Align Series promises to integrate tools “uniquely tailored to enrich the sound of your acoustic”.

Align Series acoustic pedals

Session: Acoustic pedal featuring Saturation and Compression EQ for a studio-quality, mixed and mastered sound

Equalizer: Acoustic preamplifier with 6-Band EQ, set to the frequencies we found most impactful for live acoustic amplification, and anti-feedback Notch Filter

Reverb: Proprietary reverb tailored specifically for acoustic instruments

Active DI: All-discrete Active DI with pedalboard-friendly functionality

Prices for the Align Series clock in at $179 for the Session, Equalizer and Reverb, while the Active DI is $159.

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