NAMM 2018 first look video: Elektron says that Digitone is a powerful FM synth that’s also user friendly

NAMM 2018: Elektron’s Digitone promises to be a user-friendly take on FM synthesis, which sounds like an offer that many of us are going to struggle to refuse.

An eight-voice synth, this marries an FM engine to a subtractive synthesis signal flow, the theory being that this will enable anyone to create something a bit special. “Turn a few knobs, and something interesting and musically relevant is bound to happen,” says Elektron.

On the sequencing front, there are four tracks for the internal sounds and a further four that can be used to control external gear. You can add chords, create melodies to fit a specific scale and adjust the probability of individual notes - and that’s just the start.

As you’d expect, Digitone will be compatible with Elektron’s Overbridge, though you’ll have to wait until later this year for support to be added.

Digitone is available now priced at £699/$759/€779. Find out more on the Elektron website.

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Ben Rogerson

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