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Musikmesse 2018: Jensen releases “modern, versatile” C12/100 RT Raptor guitar amp speaker

MUSIKMESSE 2018: Jensen Speakers, which is these days based in Italy, has unveiled the Raptor, a 12” guitar amp speaker that joins its Jet Series.

Packing a 100W output and ceramic magnet, the Raptor promises a “modern, versatile” range of tones, with “detail and definition in the top-end”, “firm, solid basses” and “a rounded, vocal midrange”.

Jensen reckons it will cover contemporary styles, classic rock, jazz, fusion and blues, while a specially designed membrane and dustcap smooths out the top-end, rolling off undesired frequencies.

The Raptor performs best in compact lightweight cabinet enclosures - whether open-back, closed-back or ported - and its high sensitivity makes it easy to drive with small output stages.

Jensen will release the C12100 RT Raptor in Q2 2018 for €109,00/£95. Take a listen over at Jensen Tone.

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