Musikmesse 2017: Amped Studio is the new DAW that works both on your desktop and in your browser

MUSIKMESSE 2017: Up until now, web- and desktop-based DAWs have largely existed independently, with ‘online’ music production solutions not quite measuring up to their native counterparts in terms of features and useability. Amped Studio, however, is said to be different, working both online and offline and promising to be at a “pro level”.

The theory is that, as well as being able to work on a project on your computer in the desktop version of Amped Studio, you can also move “seamlessly” to the web-based version on any computer. Tracks are synced to the cloud – they can also be shared with others - and the free version comes with a range of built-in instruments and effects (you’ll get more if you sign up and pay for Premium Access). VST plugin compatibility is also promised.

“We are beyond thrilled to offer this recording and production platform that harnesses the latest advancements in technology to bring total flexibility to music creation. Amped Studio addresses the way musicians work today with a tool that addresses all of their needs and desires,” says Bil Bryant, CEO of Amptrack Technologies, creator of Amped Studio.

Find out more on the Amped Studio website.

Amped Studio features

Amped Studio includes: 

  • Hybrid Studio - Online Web-based version and Native desktop version
  • Hybrid Tracks - Handles both audio and MIDI regions
  • Track Device Chain - Add instruments and effects in the same chain
  • Ability to add more than one instrument per track
  • Automatic Time Stretching
  • Integrated Sound Library
  • Recording
  • Web Plugs – Ported VSTi´s to our cloud based format
  • Audition and use 3rd party virtual instruments and effects that work in Amped Studio

Comes with free access to: 

  • A selection of free library sounds
  • Drumpler - Virtual drum machine
  • Volt Mini Synth – Powerful Virtual Analog software synthesizer
  • GM Player – Full General MIDI bank of more than 128 instrument patches
  • EQ – Equalizer with high and low-pass filtering
  • Reverb – Good sounding and easy-to-use reverb
  • 4 Web Plugin Synths – 2 virtual analog, 1 FM Synthesis, 1 Organ

Premium Access also includes: 

  • Volt Synth - Full version with multiple oscillators
  • Access to full premium sound library
  • Ability to import, save and publish externally recorded content, including loops, vocal tracks and more
  • Available for $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year
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