Multi-instrumentalist Jeb Hardwick records a metal guitar, bass and drums version of the Home Alone soundtrack

Jeb Hardwick
(Image credit: Jeb Hardwick / YouTube)

Jeb Hardwick is a man with skills; a video director for artists including Architects, Falling In Reverse, A Day To Remember, Sleeping With Sirens and Mariah Carey, he's also the guitarist for UK band Phoria. He can now add multi-instrumental metal covers of classic Christmas films to his impressive CV with the release today of this brilliant version of Home Alone's Setting The Trap.

"It started snowing outside and I started humming this tune," writes Jeb. "I knew what I had to do - pay homage to the heaviest drop in Christmas movie history."

He does a stunning job, playing a natural finish Strat and matching Jazz Bass plus an electronic drum kit on the cover. "For you nerds," adds Jeb as if he knows MusicRadar is reading, "I mostly used the Neural DSP Soldano VST for guitars, GGD Modern and Massive pack for drums, and Sonuscore Kontakt pack 'The Orchestra' for the...well, orchestra."

Somehow Jeb only has 73 subscribers on his YouTube channel at the time of writing this. We're thinking this cover will change that. Check out his 2022 director showreel below and find out more about Jeb's band Phoria here. 

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