Is this the end for the Moog One? Belgian retailer Turnlab says Moog's flagship poly is "now discontinued"

Moog One synthesizer
(Image credit: Moog)

The end could be near for the Moog One, according to a social media post from Belgian musical instrument retailer Turnlab.

"Moog One is now discontinued (EOL)!! Still want one of these beauties? We still have a very limited stock," reads the post, shared late last week. 

Launched in 2018, Moog One is the flagship synth from the legendary Asheville-based manufacturer, a 16-voice analogue instrument that was the first hardware polysynth released by Moog in more than three decades. The One was also available in an 8-voice version, which has already been discontinued.

A heavily feature-packed synth, the One has a tri-timbral architecture, meaning it can layer three independent synth patches together or split these across its 61-note keyboard. Priced at $7999, it's the most expensive instrument in Moog's current line-up.

In our review of the Moog One, we described it as a "beast of an instrument" and praised its versatile sound, observing that "it caters to every need, from deep but well-rounded basslines to sparkling chimelike tones; from lush, warm electric piano sounds to otherworldly crystalline soundscapes."

Retiring the synth would make sense for Moog, as the manufacturer is reportedly planning to launch a new polysynth later this year. Teased in a post from producer Mike Dean back in April, Moog Muse is an analogue, bi-timbral synth with a 5-octave keyboard.

If you've been considering purchasing the Moog One, now could be the time, as prices will likely rise if the synth is discontinued. 

We've reached out to Moog's representatives for comment.

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